Enjoy the good things in life knowing that you're not leaving loved ones with extra worries

Would you be happy leaving your loved ones with the huge financial burden of paying for your funeral?

Across the country, grieving families are being caught unaware by skyrocketing funeral costs, leaving over 50% needing to borrow money to pay for the funeral of a loved one.*

Over the last 10 years, the funeral industry has taken advantage of its largely unregulated status, steadily ramping up fees and pocketing the profits. According to a 2018 Sunlife report, the total cost of dying has now hit an eye-watering £9,204, pushed up by funeral costs in particular - which have more than doubled since 2004.*

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A Clever New Approach

Many people are now taking matters into their own hands by securing a funeral policy – which can be less than £5 per week.

These clever policies help you to lock in the cost of your funeral - avoiding the controversial price hikes - and also mean your family isn’t left with a hefty bill to accompany the emotional pain of your passing.

With a quick and simple signup process – it’s easy to see why people are flocking to opt for this new approach. And since you aren’t required to have a medical – you’re guaranteed to be accepted.

As prices are expected to continue to rise into 2023, a few moments spent planning ahead now could be one of the best decisions you’ve ever made – leaving you with peace of mind that your family can commemorate your legacy free from debt and financial stress.

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